Deluxe One Securely Streams HBO Content for Awards Judging, Press Previews

Deluxe Entertainment Services has announced that it will host awards campaigns and press streaming experiences for HBO and HBOMax. Deluxe One, the company’s flagship product, provides a cloud-based solution with the ability to deliver immersive, white-labelled streaming experiences that enable content owners to more seamlessly and intimately connect with their global audiences. Deluxe’s industry-leading technology helps creators facilitate real-time, front-end content curation and for publishing across all viewing platforms, as well as campaign management, and live streaming through the One Showcase module of the platform.

The HBO and HBOMax screening portals optimise geographical content consumption, enabling viewing across a wide-ranging ecosystem of devices. This allows both international voters and awards bodies to stream content on their phones and devices, including Roku, tvOS and iOS mobile applications. Content is scaled and enhanced for various screen and bandwidth scenarios to ensure that both viewer convenience and the integrity of the original artistic vision are honored.

“We are thrilled to work with renowned content creators, HBO and HBOMax, on this journey as they take their OTT FYC experience to even greater heights to showcase the content and talent that resonates with audiences around the world,” said Kristie Fung, VP Product Management at Deluxe. “The Deluxe team is proud to provide the flexibility HBO and HBOMax needed to ensure the screening portals were rapidly designed, tested and released within the timeline required for HBO and HBOMax’s marketing initiatives and awards considerations.”

The full-featured backend of Deluxe One allows for seamless management of over-the-top (OTT) streaming experiences of all types from FYC to subscription, advertising, EST and live offerings. The self-serve tool enables seamless end-to-end management, from modern avails and user management to content processing and robust operational and anonymized marketing analytics, all in real-time. With intellectual property protection at the forefront, the platform is able to automatically apply visual and forensic watermarking while also providing detailed insights on unique video playback.

Deluxe One provides content management, delivery and streaming solution for distribution, operations, sales, and marketing teams, with the flexibility needed for easy accessibility by global licensees and other key stakeholders through branded content portals. Backed by Deluxe’s service groups that offer high-quality, reliable mastering, advanced format support, and localisation capabilities, Deluxe One facilitates everything from content mastering, fulfillment, campaign management, asset preview, and content curation, to playback across native apps and richly featured video streaming sites.