ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 Group Improve Video Production with GENESIX VideoServers

ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 already used the GENESIX VideoServer for live, studio and on-location broadcasts of the Austrian legislative elections in 2019. Its free TV stations ATV, PULS 4 and the new NewsChannel PULS 24 covered all debates and election news programs. The ultra-slim 2U GENESIX VideoServer was put to good use to streamline workflows. As the only high-tech server on the market with up to 16 HD-SDI channels and 4K UHD readiness, it supports every format and every codec – from multi-cam ingest to high-quality playout.

The media group also produces high-quality entertainment programs, such as the “PULS4 Start-Up Show 2 Minuten 2 Millionen” – a show known as ‘Shark Tank’ in the USA – which has an average audience of up to 308.000 viewers with a market share up to 16% in the younger audience 12-49 on Tuesday evenings, or the weekly comedy primetime game show ‘Sehr Witzig!? Der Witze Stammtisch’ which had an average audience of up to 231.000 viewers and a market share up to 9,3 (adults 12-49). PULS4 is the most-watched purely Austrian private station with the highest market share in all relevant target groups – both in the general population (adults from the age of 12) and in the young target group of 12- to 49-year-olds relevant for advertising.

To produce and broadcast high-quality content and continue to captivate its audience with top notch entertainment, ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 required an efficient, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution with maximum compatibility for PULS 4. STRYME stepped up program management and workflows by equipping the GENESIX VideoServer V9 with its user-friendly AutoNaming function and adding 3 lightweight GENESIX 2GO storage units:

The AutoNaming function automatically names and categorises clips and camera settings in logically structured directories and sub-directories. Cutters with individual user profiles can easily retrieve and reuse the clips they need for editing, re-sequencing, post-production highlight cuts, etc. This makes post-production work child’s play.

GENESIX 2GO is perfect for mobile and flexible production scenarios. Weighing less than 3kg, it is a high-tech storage/backup and data transportation device with a capacity of up to 6TB packed in a sturdy casing. Its high bandwidth ensures rapid video content transfers in real time for up to 16 channels (XDCAM HD 422) without compromising quality.

GENESIX 2GO and the GENESIX VideoServer come complete with Ingest, Transfer Manager and MAM. A cable connects the two. All data (clips, video footage, etc.) is transferred and stored simultaneously on the ultra-slim GENESIX VideoServer and on the portable GENESIX 2GO storage units. After recording, data transfer to post-production is as simple as ‘unplug and go’.

Philipp Beuchert, Head of Broadcast and Production Systems at ATV Privat TV GmbH and Co KG and responsible for technical matters at PULS 4 recaps: “We have worked with the GENESIX VideoServer for more than 5 years. Its high-tech features, yet simple operation and easy integration with other processes impresses us every day. One of the key features, is GENESIX 2GO. This helps us to simplify and fasten our postproduction workflows. That is why we decided to buy the latest edition, the GENESIX VideoServer V9, as well as five GENESIX 2GO storage units.”

STRYME CEO Goce Zdravkoski added, “We promise our customers to provide them with the best possible and most versatile broadcast solutions at the best price-quality ratio. Therefore, we are constantly honing the edge of our technology. GENESIX is a sophisticated, all-in-one failsafe solution that ensures broadcasting around-the-clock without the major costs and overheads of a traditional broadcast system.”