Linius Unveils Personalised TV in a ‘Handful of Clicks’

Linius Technologies Limited has launched a self-service embeddable widget in partnership with systems integrator, Hemisphere.

The Widget Suite application enables any organisation to empower viewers to search the data within its video content, from across any number of sources, and assemble hyper-personalised videos on-the-fly.

The Widget Suite can be accessed for free from the new Linius Marketplace (API consumption charges apply).

With a simple YouTube-like code snippet, clients can independently deploy the ‘plug and play’ application with no Linius resources required, embedding the full capability on their website in under an hour.

“Our strategy here is rapid scalability,” said Linius CEO, Chris Richardson. “This Widget Suite makes Linius’ technology broadly accessible to the global video industry – one of our core commercialisation strategies. The launch creates the opportunity for viral uptake of a set of tools which have the potential to revolutionise the way video solutions are developed, delivered and consumed.”

Linius announced on March 12th, 2019, that Hemisphere was investing in building the application on Linius’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Linius Video Services. The widget delivers a range of benefits to publishers, rights holders and distributers of digital video.

“Together, Linius and Hemisphere are empowering video-rich organisations and business functions throughout the world to deliver previously impossible hyper-personalised video experiences,” said Hemisphere CEO, Glyn Beaumont. “Taking just a handful of clicks to set-up, clients can quickly increase the value of their video content with the Widget Suite, using video hyper-personalisation to boost audience engagement, create additional subscription and advertising revenues, and monetise archival footage.”

Linius and Hemisphere will generate revenue from the Widget Suite via API consumption charges, as part of its existing SaaS pricing model – essentially generating revenue every time someone uses the product to watch a video.

Founded in 2008, Hemisphere is a leading internet software development company specialising in the creation and monetisation of online video delivery solutions. Hemisphere has worked with well-known international companies including Fox Sports, Comcast, NewsCorp, NBC Universal and CNN.