Evertz Showcases Virtual IP Media Services

Evertz Microsystems showcased its latest Virtualized IP Media Services at NAB 2019. Evertz’ evEDGE Virtual IP Media Services platform enables agile operational workflows with its flexible library of media services and support for agile hardware platforms. New for NAB 2019, evEDGE’s agile hardware platform support has been expanded to Evertz’ SCORPION, Smart Media Processing platform.

Broadcast facilities have been highly dependent on fixed function processing hardware such as video and audio processors, frame synchronisers and up/down/cross converters for day-to-day operational tasks. However with this approach, operational workflows are limited by the functionality of the equipment that is available. This type of operational architecture, while functional, is not flexible or particularly cost effective in dynamic environments.

evEDGE virtual IP media services support a selection of processing functions which can be provisioned based on evolving workflow requirements. The flexibility enabled by evEDGE allows highly efficient and adaptable workflows for every application.

Unlike fixed function processing hardware, evEDGE services can be run on agile hardware platforms. Processing functions are no longer permanently coupled to the underlying hardware platform. evEDGE supports virtual IP media services over agile hardware platforms including FPGA compute blades, x86 COTS servers and the Cloud.

For increased operational flexibility, evEDGE’s agile hardware support now includes the SCORPION smart media processing platform. SCORPION is a high density signal conversion, routing, aggregation and transport platform which utilises miniature interface modules enabling a customised SCORPION solution for every application.

SCORPION now supports evEDGE IP Media Services with the introduction of a new microservice mini I/O module. This advanced module enables the SCORPION platform to be provisioned with evEDGE services, further expanding its already advanced capabilities and flexibility.

“Having a platform that can be provisioned with IP media services has given broadcasters a new tool to address environments with rapidly changing workflows,” said Nick Knez, Director of Processing and Timing Products at Evertz. “evEDGE, with its comprehensive library of media services and support for agile hardware platforms is the leading virtual IP media platform available today, and its expanded hardware platform support that now includes SCORPION, gives broadcasters even more flexibility with how they adapt to evolving workflow requirements.”

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