Etere Support Wowza for VOD, NVOD and Streaming

Etere is now able to support Wowza as a streaming system. This allows Etere users to connect with Wowza Video-on-Demand (VOD), NVOD and streaming directly from Etere modules such as Media Asset Management (MAM) and Automation. Etere consistently aligns its strategies with market opportunities to keep users at the cutting-edge of technology.

With greater demand for faster content deliveries and workflows across the market, Etere provides users with a highly effective platform to create, manage and deliver targeted advertising and dynamic ad insertion. Etere uses a profiling CRM to obtain an accurate profile of every user. By leveraging on the data from the user profile, multiple playlists can be created based on categories such as topic of interest, location and demographics. Each playlist can have different advertisements to cater to the user profiles of its viewers. Advertisements with relevant content will be identified, retrieved and delivered automatically to the viewers. For example, a cosmetics advertisement may be targeted to a group of female viewers. Targeted advertisements reach viewers who are more likely to convert into potential consumers due to the relevancy of the advertisement content. This in turn brings higher returns to advertisers.

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) can be used to provide Video-on-Demand (VOD) content generated by Etere workflow and transcoder. With Etere Transcoder, users are able to generate multiple bitrate content and Etere API can be used at the frontend to request for VOD content, metadata and graphic files. Not only that, it can also be used for the interrogation of MAM and to request for DRM.

Etere OTT Automation is able to manage up to 10 channels or servers simultaneously. Additionally, it supports virtualisation and live content. It is integrative with Etere ETX IP Multiviewer which facilitates a seamless management of up to 9 display monitors and 30 input sources simultaneously. Not only that, it is integrative with Etere SNMP console which equips users with a centralised management and monitoring console to optimise all processes and infrastructure performance in the system.

  • Includes Etere ETX IP Multiviewer for up to nine display monitors and 30 input sources facilitating an easy management of multiple simultaneous broadcast.
  • Supports streams on RTMP/RTSP/UDP (Mpg2, H264, H265).
  • Inclusive of SNMP console for a centralised system monitoring.
  • Supports live content management.
  • Supports virtualisation.
  • Saves costs.