NetComm’s Dual-Mode Gateway to Enable Immediate Always-On High-Speed Connections

NetComm recently launched its new Enhanced Hybrid LTE Gateway that will enable network operators to deliver immediate and always-on high-speed connectivity to their broadband customers.

The Enhanced Hybrid 4G LTE Gateway can deliver fixed-broadband services on the Australian National Broadband Network or the New Zealand Ultra-Fast Broadband network – as well as on legacy ADSL2+ networks – and has LTE functionality to enable always-on connectivity if the fixed-broadband connection is interrupted.

The dual-mode device will enable operators to connect newly signed customers to high-speed LTE broadband services immediately with no delay whilst they are waiting for their fixed-line connection to be activated.

The Enhanced Hybrid LTE Gateway supports all LTE carrier bands being used across the Australian and New Zealand markets.

This always-on connectivity will be particularly attractive for the SME business market where customers need to have the peace of mind of constant high-speed connectivity to support the needs of their business.