Two Newly Released Firmware Versions for Osprey Talon Encoders

Update is primarily a roll-up of fixes that improve or refine functionality for features that are already part of the Talon firmware. The two most noticeable fixes include fixing the timestamp for RTMP encoding. Long-term RTMP streams would spontaneously stop after 46 days because of a timestamp reset. Now the encode continues and only leaves a single entry in the log. The second major fix involves the ability of the encoder to tolerate out-of-spec SDI data from the source when the source is changed while the encoder is running. Rather than causing a failure, the stream will perform a restart without requiring user intervention.

New functions based on the result of customer input include, an SDK method to change the MTU of the NIC for specific networks where the default 1500 MTU cannot be supported. We also returned a feature that was previously removed. In an earlier update we removed the manual setting of TS rate on UDP streams and replaced it with an automatic setting of 125 percent of the Video Bitrate. In this version we have retained the default automatic setting but have added an optional Manual setting.

Also, there have been instances where certain combinations of settings would cause the Web UI to appear to lock up. In most of these instances what appeared to be a lockup was the Talon rebooting after a watchdog timeout. We have addressed as many of these combinations as possible to ensure that the watchdog timeout does not occur.