Verimatrix Showcases Transformative Power of Cloud-based Video Workflows

Verimatrix will demonstrate how the cloud continues to transform the video services industry through advanced security, analytics and content distribution workflows at IBC 2018.

“Because of industry-wide cloud adoption, content owners, distributors and service providers are converging around a new content ecosystem connected by the cloud,” said Tom Munro, CEO, Verimatrix.  “We are seeing new and creative revenue streams being developed by expanding this type of marketplace and reducing friction for trading within it. Ultimately, cloud technologies are enabling a ‘pay-for-success’ model that reduces the financial risk of launching new video services when operators don’t have – and don’t need to have – long-term visibility into ROI.”

Show highlights include:

  • RightsConnex – The company will be showcasing its newly renamed RightsConnex workflow solution (formerly known as Federated Rights Management) for distributing OTT content between content owners and video service providers. It is a secure, hierarchical distribution method that features a single point of integration for operators and content owners. It significantly streamlines security workflows with persistent encryption, policy definition and enforcement, and automates the consumption reporting process. Content providers can standardise distribution of valuable content with little incremental effort, and bypass the friction and inefficiencies that exist in today’s workflows. Verimatrix recently won the Grand Prix (winner of winners) at the Connies 2018 awards for its RightsConnex solution.
  • StreamMark – The server-side watermarking service for premium over-the-top (OTT) video services. Hosted in the Verimatrix Secure Cloud, StreamMark is inherently DRM-agnostic and is ideally suited for adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) protocols such as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and standard MPEG-DASH. StreamMark is available as stand-alone watermarking service, independent of CAS/DRM systems.
  • For the first time, Verimatrix will also be showcasing its StreamMark Live solution, which is a real-time watermark designed for fast extraction during live events, such as sports.
  • Verspective Intelligence – As the latest enhancement to the Verspective Analytics suite, the solution provides a 360° view across different network and device types to find patterns and anomalies that help service providers make more informed decisions about their audiences, content, consumption, and overall performance. Essentially, this more precise method of segmenting the subscriber audience based on how they engage with the service enables operators to better address potential problems and uncover upsell opportunities in order to reduce churn, supported by powerful off-the-shelf and customisable reporting tools. Verspective Intelligence is a shortlisted candidate for Best Data Storage Solution for the 16th Annual CSI Awards.
  • Verspective RT – The real-time device-level analytics solution collects in-depth information about the subscriber experience and service perception on both managed and unmanaged networks. Insights into quality of experience (QoE) and content viewing habits enable optimisation of video delivery, subscriber experience and overall service composition. Verspective RT also supports real-time data export to third-party tools and in-house systems.
  • Veriteem – Recently made available to the public, Veriteem is a distributed ledger technology that addresses security gaps in blockchain technology. The company developed the open source technology to build internet of things (IoT) applications that require a dedicated blockchain that features public access to data, yet securely manages contributions in order to prevent malicious behaviour.

Veriteem is basically a building block upon which the Verimatrix Vtegrity IoT security solution can be applied to secure the services and associated revenue streams for the entire lifecycle of a device and application. Vtegrity has also been shortlisted for the CSI Awards for the Best IoT/smart home or 5G technology category. Winners will be announced at 17:00 on Friday the 14th of September, 2018.

Verimatrix will also be unveiling a new connected content marketplace model where content owners and service providers converge around a common cloud platform to efficiently and accountably exchange content. As a result, they receive unprecedented content control and usage visibility, and reduction in workflow complexities.