Mediaware’s Latest Transport Stream Software

Mediaware is exhibiting its full suite of frame accurate transport stream processing software for the interactive demonstration at NAB, including InStream Splice and Delay.

Mediaware at SU3306 is demonstrating two deployment scenarios:

Everything you need for multi-content switching, multi-channel linear television and TS Splicing

At NAB 2018, Mediaware will demonstrate how frame accurate MPEG TS splicing for linear broadcast has a pivotal role to play in achieving compelling scalable content localisation, advertising, and streaming content rights management.

Our interactive demonstration will highlight how simple it is to add transport stream content replacement software to deliver, differentiate and monetise multi-channel content, including support for the latest colour and compression such as Ultra HD/HEVC, 10 bit colour, 4:2:2 compression and AVC-Intra.

Multi-Channel TS Time Delay

At NAB 2018, Mediaware will demonstrate InStream Delay, showcasing how easy it is to deploy for regional delays, facility input stream time alignment, disaster recovery applications and catch-up +1 TV channels.

For demonstrations of how InStream Splice and Delay can be used to reliably manage your deployment costs on a channel by channel basis.

Application Discussions

Mediaware staff at NAB 2018 will discuss IP multi-platform delivery for sports broadcasting and live applications, and software driven all-IP media routing.

To address the challenge of scale when transitioning to an all-IP facility, Mediaware has leveraged its extensive experience frame accurate splicing experience and developed a software solution with a hybrid switching layer, concurrently supporting synchronous, frame accurate routing of multiple video services with file based content playout, at the IP multicast level. Easily integrated using IP and API control interfaces, the routing layer resides in software, is scalable, multi-channel and provides a proven, deployable first step, transitional approach to moving video playout into cloud and hybrid environments.

“Since 2008, Mediaware has embraced and overcome the challenges associated with working with all-IP video. Our frame-accurate, no-transcode approach ensures maximum video and audio quality is always delivered to the viewer,” said Garrick Simeon, Managing Director of Mediaware.

“At NAB 2018, Mediaware will introduce our vision for InStream built for on premises, private or public cloud deployment. With bandwidth-hungry, high-quality deployments in mind, our recent rollout of support for the primary contribution ready formats positions InStream as a scalable, high density, high-performance software system, and perfect for cloud deployments.”

For a demonstration of Mediaware software being used to reliably manage your deployment costs on a channel by channel basis, visit Mediaware at NAB 2018 in SU 3306.