LYNX Technik Announces New Testor APP for greenMachine

LYNX Technik AG has announced its new Testor APP for the greenMachine platform. LYNX Technik will be at NAB2018 in the IABM member lounge, N110MLR.

The new Testor APP adds multi-format test signal generator functionality to the growing set of greenMachine APPs. It’s an ideal trouble-shooting tool for technicians and engineers working in the field, in-studio applications and for line-up tasks in master control rooms. A single Testor APP replaces four individual 3G test generators that are typical sold as separate pieces of hardware. Plus, the greenGUI software provides users with advanced graphic editing features and a more visually straightforward WYSIWYG environment.

The Testor APP is compatible with the greenMachine titan hardware and supports 12G, 3G, HD, SD-SDI formats. When operating in UHD mode, the Testor APP can provide a single channel test generator. For 3G video formats (and below) the Testor APP offers four independent test generators with individual logo and text insertions.

Standard static and dynamic video test signals and patterns are included with the Testor APP, and user-defined signal patterns can also be uploaded into the APP. Logos and text can also be inserted into test signals for channel identification. The embedded scaler allows user-defined patterns to be scaled to match the format.

The Testor APP also includes a 16-channel audio test generator with adjustable level and frequency, which is embedded into the SDI video or output to the external audio outputs of greenMachine.

All greenMachines in a network can access and share Testor configurations. The greenGUI software provides users with a true preview interface to check test signals in the GUI, control outputs, format settings, and manage customer-defined image and test pattern uploads.

Users configure and customise greenMachine hardware by downloading APPs from the greenStore for functionality. For visualising, configuring and controlling a system, users download the brains behind the system, the complementary greenGUI software.

LYNX Technik will be at NAB 2018 in the IABM member lounge, N110MLR. Visitors can book meetings with the LYNX Technik team by emailing