Broadcast Metadata Exchange Format V2.0

The Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) has published the Broadcast Metadata Exchange Format (BMF) 2.0 Beta.
BMF 2.0 is a manufacturer independent format and enables a continuous exchange of metadata in the domains of radio, television and internet. This reduces both costs and risks on integrating interfaces in an IT-based production environment.
Compared to the previous version, BMF 2.0 new use cases were added, the usability was improved and a new process to generate subsets of the BMF-model was developed.
The XML Schema of BMF 2.0 Beta can be downloaded by interested companies from for testing and evaluation purposes at no cost.
BMF 2.0 is a rich metadata-vocabulary for the domains of television, radio and internet. As a lingua franca in metadata exchange it facilitates the reuse of metadata and increases the interoperability between IT-systems. The BMF model covers the information requirements of a wide variety of domains in television as production, planning, distribution and archiving. This is the result of an accurate evaluation of different use cases which was accomplished in close collaboration with working groups of the public broadcasting in Germany.
Amongst others, BMF 2.0 now supports the complete use cases of production-, program- and event planning, camera metadata and file transfer of program material.
Metadata in BMF 2.0 is exchanged as XML documents. The structure for the BMF-XML documents is defined in a XML Schema with clear and simple design rules. Furthermore, the XML Schema provides faster orientation for developers through short documentation. For the generation of the XML Schema for BMF 2.0 the experiences of previous implementations and helpful suggestions from manufacturers were analyzed in detail and considered. The rich vocabulary of BMF 2.0 is a toolset for the generation of model-subsets for specific use cases. Only these subsets will be implemented.