Broadband Forum Plugfest Advances USP, the Evolution of TR-069

New capabilities and increased robustness of the Broadband Forum’s User Services Platform (USP) have been successfully tested at a Plugfest, accelerating interoperability in the rapidly changing connected home market.

An evolution of the Broadband Forum’s almost ubiquitous TR-069 standard which has nearly one billion installations worldwide, USP brings a unified, common approach to implementing, deploying and managing all types of devices in the modern connected home. The latest Plugfest brought together leading industry innovators, including ARRIS International plc, Nokia, QA Cafe and first-time participants Axiros and Greenwave Systems, with interoperability achieved across all participants’ products.

Highlights of the session included the use of validation tools provided by QA Cafe and the testing of a Greenwave Systems’ gateway with IoT proxy capability on a smart light that was managed and controlled via USP. Interoperability was also achieved through a proxy element that allowed a STOMP-based USP Controller to actively communicate with a CoAP-based USP Agent.

“In this second USP Plugfest, we laid the foundations of conformance and testing which will, in turn, enable the creation of interoperable, reliable and robust solutions,” said Jason Walls, Co-Director of the Broadband User Services (BUS) Work Area at Broadband Forum and Director of Technical Marketing at QA Cafe. “The result will be greater and faster market adoption of USP by service providers, vendors, component manufacturers, and developers globally. That, combined with its backwards compatibility and ability to co-exist with TR-069, makes USP really revolutionary for everyone who is looking towards the future of the connected home.”

John Blackford, Co-Director of the Broadband User Services (BUS) Work Area, member of the Broadband Forum’s Board of Directors, and Product Management Director at ARRIS, added: “By achieving this level of interoperability and industry collaboration, service providers using USP-derived solutions can overcome emerging complexities in home networking. These solutions comprise a modern, scalable platform that allows service providers to monetise a range of new services across Wi-Fi and IoT devices in the connected home.”

Many of the industry’s leading Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) vendors are embracing USP and are updating their TR-069 ACS solutions to support its expanded functionality, simplifying global service provider adoption. A further catalyst to adoption will be the ability of USP to support multi-tenant remote management, meaning that USP can complement any TR-069-compliant ACS. Thus, service providers can augment their TR-069-based management system with the powerful new features of a USP-based management system in a subscriber’s home network, such as advanced home Wi-Fi management or subscriber self-management, with solutions from different ACS vendors. Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) within the connected home can be upgraded to USP via a simple service provider managed software upgrade and can co-exist in the same subscriber home.