Trinnov Audio and Elenos Group Join RAVENNA Community

French digital acoustics specialists, Trinnov Audio, and radio transmitter experts, the Elenos Group, headquartered in Italy, have become the latest companies to join the RAVENNA partnership in order to optimise the deployment of RAVENNA technology in their products, benefitting from development support and the wider experience of the community. The news follows the recent announcement of partnerships with Dolby, Stage Tec and Ross Video.

RAVENNA is a technology for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based network environments. Utilising standardised network protocols and technologies, RAVENNA can operate on existing network infrastructures.

Experts in 3D audio and high-end speaker and room optimisation for a variety of applications, Trinnov Audio becomes part of the RAVENNA alliance as it launches its new MC-HCC RAVENNA/AES67-enabled processor. Samuel Tracol, pro audio product manager and lead software architect at Trinnov, looks forward to benefitting from the partnership.

“Trinnov has been involved with the audio calibration of high-channel count systems for more than 10 years,” he says. “We are confident that supporting RAVENNA and being able to offer up to 64 channels of high-resolution audio processing over IP will increase our success in large immersive sound mix stages.”

Elenos, meanwhile, operates in a completely different field, being a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, state-of-the-art FM transmitters. With over 40,000 transmitters installed in more than 100 countries, Elenos transmitters are renowned for their compact design, low energy consumption and reliability. The company has recently developed a RAVENNA-enabled transmitter in order to expand its connectivity offerings to the radio broadcast market where RAVENNA is becoming increasingly prevalent as the IP backbone in broadcast infrastructure.

Gianluca Busi, marketing manager for the  Elenos group, feels that the move was inevitable.

“The trend in radio broadcast is clearly shifting towards IP as a more cost-effective and reliable means of signal transport, and where audio is concerned, RAVENNA and AES67 is the dominant force. It is therefore a logical step for us to develop a RAVENNA-enabled platform for easy integration into RAVENNA/AES67-based infrastructures. We are pleased to become a RAVENNA partner to help further the development of this technology, both for us and our customer base.”

ALC NetworX’s Andreas Hildebrand welcomed both Trinnov and Elenos to the RAVENNA community.

“As the technology continues to gain traction, so the RAVENNA partnership community continues to grow, to the benefit of us all,” he noted. “It’s fascinating to see that our two most recent partners come from such different backgrounds, which just goes to show that RAVENNA’s open, standards-based approach and high performance characteristics appeals across a wide range of market sectors. IP networking is here to stay, and for those for whom out-of-the-box AES67, and now ST2110 compatibility, is important, RAVENNA remains the easiest – and highest performing – route to both.”