Broadcast Sports, Inc. Brings Real Freedom and Ref Cam to IBC

This year’s IBC saw Broadcast Sports Inc. introduce several new technologies to the television broadcasting industry. Real Freedom is a next generation wireless camera system offering up to 1080p/60 resolution and 10-bit, 4:2:2 sampling. It also features H.264 encoding and DVB-T2 modulation.

BSI’s Ref Cam system, which made its debut earlier this year at a Stade Francais vs. Toulon rugby match, was also on display in the company’s booth. The Ref Cam features 1080i resolution and remote control capability, including iris and paint functions. High quality images from the camera can be incorporated in real-time into a live broadcast production, providing viewers a first-person view of what the referee sees during the game. The components are mounted on the referee using a customised vest and head strap or eyeglasses configuration, and the system takes less than two minutes to set up. It can be adjusted in numerous ways to suit the needs of the production team and maximise comfort for the wearer.

BSI also debuted its integrated wireless Hitachi SKHD 1200 camera. The system enables wireless operation, including remote camera control, of the Hitachi in 3G HD-SDI. It will eventually be capable of 1080p/60 resolution and 10-bit, 4:2:2 sampling.



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