Get Your Workflow Migration Down PAT with IP Seminar 2.0

Promoting education and well as solutions for those looking at migrating to IP-based video workflows, Professional Audio and Television (PAT) is staging the IP Seminar 2.0 in Sydney July 19th and Auckland July 23rd.

According to Managing Director Patrick Salloch, “We started the IP Seminar last year and the idea was borne out of what we felt that there was a need for our core manufacturers, like Lawo and Arista, to go beyond the shiny brochures and actually sit down with engineers and discuss engineering topics that the change from the baseband to IP in a broadcast system would bring with it. Last year we had, of course, Marc Segar from NEP talk about the NEP Project and what they had planned to do and how they rolled it out in a very, very short timeframe.”

This year, the PAT IP Seminar will examine lessons learned since then and feature a new keynote speaker, Dennis Dovale, Senior Manager Technology (Media Division) at Tabcorp/Sky Racing, who will discuss the sports broadcaster’s 2110 migration route.

“He will talk about why they’ve made certain choices and what their plans are and what they’ve already done and what the future will hold for them,” says Salloch, “which I think is always interesting as a customer and as a user to see what other institutions that are out there that are kind of undertaking the same journey that you are considering, or that you’ve already done. 

“We will focus on the automation, the operationalisation of IP. In other words, making IP work from an operational perspective where you have staff, for example, in the MCR that were used to overshadowing a large SDI system, how they’re going to do that now in an IP environment, how do they do fault finding? We thought it was time to do a take two on the IP Seminar, see what lessons have we learnt, and where we’re going to go from here.

“I think some of the lessons that we’ve learnt is certainly that while IP brings greater flexibility, remote production being one of them, for example, there’s also a level of complexity that brings with it, and that is forcing organisational change. For example, if you look what an IT Department used to do, and now is the IT Department going to be in charge of the broadcast network? Or is the IT Department still just looking after the printers, the VOID phones? I think there is an operational change that has to happen in regards to moving to IP, and I think that’s one of the things that we’ve learnt that customers have to be very much aware of.

“I think some of the misconceptions that we certainly encounter is that it’s a plug and play situation, which it isn’t. It isn’t plug and play. I think that there has to be a significant amount of operational knowledge in regards to the technology you’re rolling out. How are you going to deal with it? How are you going to train your staff to fault find? How are you going to train your staff to reconfigure this?

“Wee think that the lessons that we’ve learnt along the way are important and of interest to people.” 

The PAT IP Seminar 2.0, takes place in Sydney on the 19th of July at the Novatel, Darling Square from 9.00am to 5.00pm, and in Auckland on July the 23rd (9.00am to 5.00pm) at the Sofitel in Auckland Viaduct Harbour. Both events are free and will be followed by refreshments.

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