Blackmagic Powers Baseball Tracking System for Oncept Inc and TV Asahi

Blackmagic Design has announced that its DeckLink SDI Micro was used for capture and playback with the baseball pitching tracking system “Baseboy,” a newly announced system by Japanese company Qoncept Inc. which is capable of visualising a ball’s path and interlocking with a camera feed. Baseboy was first used, in conjunction with a Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, in the recent Japan/US international baseball match, Samurai Japan Series 2019, broadcast by TV Asahi as Japan’s first real time baseboy analysis system.

Qoncept (concept) is a research and development venture company from Osaka University established with the aim of enhancing image processing technology from research level to practical level. Focusing on AR (Augmented Reality), Qoncept offers image processing technology such as markerless tracking for AR, machine learning-based tracking and self-localisation.

The company also provides real time composite, data analysis, and player and ball tracking in sports competitions. Baseboy can analyse the movement of balls from baseball pitching and batting and make real time composites using analysis result which is 3D image data. It will be installed in many broadcasters, baseball stadiums and sports federations in Japan.

For the Samurai Japan Series 2019 match, a Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K was used to shoot baseball in play with its feed sent to Baseboy via a Blackmagic DeckLink SDI Micro. Baseboy then analyzed the camera feed and produced real time composited graphics, overlaying CG which shows the path of the ball thrown by the pitcher. These images were then sent to TV Asashi for broadcast.

“I was able to miniaturise Baseboy thanks to this small card which allowed me to build it so that everything can be processed without an operator. The single DeckLink SDI Micro handles capturing and playback simultaneously. Input feed is processed for marking a ball’s path using Intel’s NUC, then output via the DeckLink SDI Micro. There is no other choice than DeckLink SDK Micro which is capable of capture and playback simultaneously up to 1080p60 with such a small size. If you have this small a box in your equipment booth in the relay site, you can add something more creative to your program. Without the DeckLink SDI Micro, Baseboy 2D couldn’t be born,” said Kenichi Hayashi, CEO of Qoncept.

Hayashi continued: “Blackmagic Design allows me more flexible product development because they offer an open SDK. As the SDK supports Mac, Windows, Linux, I can develop a system on various platforms, it is easier to develop softwares. Also, with DeckLink’s software update, I can do more new things which greatly expands our product development possibility.”

“We’ve been used many Blackmagic products. I can say, without Blackmagic Design, we could not succeed as a company,” Hayashi concluded.



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