UK RaceTech Leverages Evertz’ DreamCatcher Solutions

Evertz Microsystems has announced that RaceTech, production provider for the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), is using Evertz’ DreamCatcher platform for race course production and stewards review.

RaceTech provides a unique range of technical and broadcast services to the horse racing industry, as well as the wider public and private sectors, including cameras and full broadcast services, along with building and maintaining the complete digital library of every horse race in the UK. After evaluating a system that didn’t meet expectations, RaceTech collaborated with Evertz to create a tailored system based on their needs.

DreamCatcher is an advanced platform that supports all of the critical aspects of live production. The unique architecture of the DreamCatcher platform leverages high capacity IP networking that dynamically adjusts to meet the demands of any production.

RaceTech required an integrated solution that included stewards’ review functionality and live production capability on the same platform. After a strenuous evaluation, RaceTech selected DreamCatcher as their solution to support both live production and steward review off the same infrastructure. Evertz worked closely with RaceTech to design an interface that enables race stewards to use DreamCatcher Video Assistant Referee (DC-VAR) to review race infractions in a quick, reliable, and timely manner.

The DC-VAR is a scalable replay review platform that provides officials the ability to make definitive decisions during live events. Replay officials can view all angles in sync while utilizing one-touch zoom for immediateanalysis of any detail.

RaceTech joined the ranks of MLB, NBA, Notre Dame, IndyCar, and Jupiler Pro League as deployed DC-VAR customers. Up to 10 trucks in RaceTech’s fleet will be outfitted with the DreamCatcher™ infrastructure for stewards’ review and live production solution.

“The Evertz development team leveraged DreamCatcher’s highly intuitive interface for our Stewards to use. The team quickly developed and deployed the features we needed, and we look forward to our continued partnership,” said John Bance, Head of Project Management-RaceTech.

“It’s great when a customer is able to work with us as closely as RaceTech did. It really allowed us to create an individualised experience and a tailored system to suit their needs,” said Gary Allwood, Account Manager at Evertz. “We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

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