MEDIASET Goes IP with Evertz

Evertz Microsystems, the global provider of media and entertainment technology solutions, announces the launch of MEDIASET‟s newest outside broadcast truck equipped with an Evertz IP core.

Evertz‟ Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) IP technology leads the industry with deployments spanning across 400+ installations globally since 2014. This pioneering technology has made SDVN the go-to choice for broadcasters transitioning their infrastructure to IP.

MEDIASET S.p.A. is a leading Italian media company specializing in news, entertainment and sports broadcasting. MEDIASET began a project to design a new outside broadcast (OB) truck for live production events. Evertz’ SDVN IP technology was selected as it was the only solution that met the critical requirements of MEDIASET. Two Evertz 3080IPX-128-25G switch fabrics in a redundant configuration are utilized as the OB Truck’s central routing core. This ultra-compact routing core enables deterministic switching of signals which is critical in live production environments.

In addition, the high bandwidth 25G core enables UHD/HDR and HD production while still maintaining a compact form factor which is an important consideration in an OB truck environment where space is at a premium. In addition, Evertz’ IP multiviewer, the 3067VIP10G is utilized for monitoring capabilities in all areas of the OB truck. In order to interface baseband SDI systems into the IP routing core, Evertz 570IPG SDI gateways are used. Evertz’ evEDGE virtualized media processing platform is utilized for signal processing capabilities and, with its ability to provision new microservices on demand, is ideal in environments with constantly changing workflow requirements.

Evertz’ DreamCatcher IP live media and production platform is utilised for live production events and provides 36 channels of recording and 8 channels of playback which enables production capability for the largest events. DreamCatcher is an advanced platform supporting all the critical aspects of live production including capture, replay, playout, live editing, storage, logging and content management. The unique architecture of the

DreamCatcher platform leverages high capacity IP networking that dynamically adjusts to meet the demands of any production.

Orchestration is a critical component of every IP system and Evertz’ MAGNUM Orchestration and Control platform was utilized to provide a unified point of control and resource management for the entire infrastructure.

Evertz’ SDVN IP Technology features comprehensive support for industry standards and, in order to facilitate interoperability between internal and external systems, this OB truck utilises SMPTE ST 2110 for the routing of video, audio and data.

“We wanted an OB Truck with an IP core in order to take advantage of everything IP has to offer,” said Mauro Cassanmagnago, MEDIASET Production & Broadcasting Technologies Dept. Director. “Evertz‟ SDVN IP, Live Media and Production technology, was the only end-to-end solution that met all of our requirements.”



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