Superscars Signs with Gfinity for ESeries Racing

The Superscars racing franchise has teamed up with Gfinity Australia to launch the 2019 Supercars ESeries.

In its second year, the competition will feature eight championship rounds starting in August and continuing untiil the end of 2019. The championship will br streamed across multiple platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, social media and Fox Sports.

According to Supercars Australia CEO Sean Seamer, “It’s an opportunity for the teams to extend their brands from the real world into the virtual and to bring younger fans into their teams as well. For us, as a sport, we’re unique in that we’re able to provide a virtual experience that is so much like the real experience and there’s not many sports in Australia that can offer that.”

The competition will use the iRacing simracing software platform which has been developed as a centralised racing and competition service.

According to Sean Seamer, “It gives us the opportunity to integrate more of our tracks. The other racing platforms don’t necessarily have as much content as I-Racing does, and it’s largely a platform that our drivers and teams are familiar with as well.

Gfinity Australia will be hosting the competition from its arena in Sydney’s Moore Park which was developed in conjunction with the Hoyts cinema chain.

“Supercars is one of the great sporting brands in Australia,” said Gfinity Australia CEO Dom Redmond. “We’ll be providing service on the backend, organising the the tournament play, and it’s something that just extends our presence from the eSports space into the traditional market as well.”



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