Software-Based Graphics for Live Productions

Stream My Event, an innovator in live production, has launched Holographics, a software-based live graphics application for content creators designed to work in any live broadcasting environment. The software received its first public debut this April at NAB Show 2019.

“The number of video production service providers, freelance operators and professional streamers is growing rapidly, but existing live graphics solutions use outdated pricing models and are not flexible enough for modern workflows” said Thom Verdenius, Co-founder of Holographics.

In response, Stream My Event has launched Holographics, a new Amsterdam based start-up serving the growing segment of small and mid-sized professional live content creators that fills the gap between expensive hardware products and fragile DIY freeware. The software-based solution for both OS X and Windows devices combines a simple learning curve with powerful features like custom themes, widgets and key and fill output.

Holographics can be used from within popular vision mixing software including Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS), V-Mix and other multi-camera software applications supporting HTML overlay. In addition, Holographics allows for industry-standard key and fill output to video switchers including popular models from Blackmagic, For-A, Grass Valley and other major vendors.

Floris Porro, Co-founder of Holographics adds: “Live content creators need graphics software that works in all resolutions, is easily customisable and designed to work on a large variety of platforms. We couldn’t find anything reasonably priced, so we’ve created Holographics both for ourselves and to help others in what we feel is an untapped market.”

Described as “the easiest way to add graphics to your live video”, Holographics’ technology is based on widgets and themes with a built-in library of both that includes tickers, lower thirds, broadcast messages and countdown timers.

“Themes are based on Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), which is already a standard in web technology. Small adjustments like fonts and colours are super easy even for non-technical users, our designers picked it up in no-time and before we knew it were creating advanced custom themes,” said Porro. “Themes are also easily exchanged between installations and it’s really just a text file, you can even send it over WhatsApp if you need to.”

Holographics is offered as a freemium business model allowing creators to instantly start using a basic version of the software. Whilst subscribed users can create unlimited widgets and receive support for just $20/month with no minimum contract. Holographics is also available under a perpetual license model of $200 which includes updates for a period of three years.



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