Mobile TV Group Deploys Production Truck with Evertz IP Infrastructure

NAB2019 saw Evertz Microsystems announce the launch of 45FLEX, Mobile TV Group’s newest outside broadcast truck equipped with an Evertz IP core.

Mobile TV Group (MTVG) is a leader in live 4K/UHD HDR productions in the U.S. covering the PGA Tour, NBA, NHL, college football, entertainment, and corporate events for many of the top Fortune 500 companies. In total, MTVG is responsible for the production of over 4000 live events a year. Mobile TV Group’s in-house engineering and fabrication capabilities enables the company to continuously update its fleet of mobile production trucks with the latest technology. Critical requirements of its latest truck, 45FLEX, included dual feed, the ability to perform two simultaneous productions, super slow-motion capabilities, 4K/HDR upgradeability and enough scalability to accommodate the largest production events.

Evertz’ Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) IP technology has been deployed across 400+ installations globally since 2014. It was selected by Mobile TV Group because its advanced capabilities were the only industry solution available that could meet their aggressive schedule and demanding technical requirements. SDVN’s advanced IP infrastructure enabled a more flexible and scalable production environment where truck resources could more efficiently be utilized enhancing their overall production capabilities.

45FLEX features 25G infrastructure and its IP routing core is an Evertz EXE-VSR16 25G high capacity IP switch. The fully non-blocking architecture of the EXE-VSR 25G switch enables the seamless interconnect of all IP systems on the truck, including the IP replay systems, IP production switcher, IP audio console and IP cameras. For interfacing baseband SDI systems into the IP core, 45FLEX utilizes Evertz’ 570IPG-X19-25G gateways. The 570IPGs versatile bidirectional architecture, supporting both IP and SDI interfaces enables baseband systems to interface with the IP core. Monitoring requirements on 45FLEX are handled by Evertz’ 3067VIP-HW-10G IP multiviewer. 45FLEX’s infrastructure features advanced IP timing technology with an Evertz MSC5700 IP Network Grand Master Clock distributing ST 2059 Precision Timing Protocol throughout the truck.

Evertz’ SDVN IP Technology features comprehensive support for industry standards and in order to facilitate interoperability between internal and external systems, this OB truck utilises SMPTE ST 2110 and AES67 for the routing of video, audio and data.

Evertz’ MAGNUM Orchestration platform is a critical component of the Mobile TV Group truck and enables a single point of unified control and monitoring for all of the resources on 45FLEX. Along with MAGNUM, VUE, Evertz’ Intelligent User Interface platform, is utilised to create customized user interfaces enabling highly efficient operational workflows. MAGNUM is utilized on several of Mobile TV Group’s fleet of production trucks and was a major contributing factor for the selection of an Evertz SDVN solution for 45FLEX.

“As we are continuously updating our fleet of mobile production trucks, we are always looking for opportunities to improve our production capabilities in order to bring the best value to our own clients,” said Nick Garvin, Chief Operating Officer at Mobile TV Group. “Evertz’ SDVN IP gives us the ability to interconnect all of the resources on 45FLEX and enables a new level of flexibility, efficiency and scalability in our fleet of mobile production trucks.”

“45FLEX features an all IP infrastructure where all of the major systems feature native IP connectivity making it one of the most advanced mobile production trucks deployed today,” said Jonathan MacNab, Director U.S. MSO System Sales at Evertz. “We’re pleased to have been selected by Mobile TV Group to participate in this project and look forward to working with them in the future.”



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