IHSE Jumps into Gaming Action at NAB Esports Experience

At NAB, IHSE USA sponsored the inaugural NAB Esports Experience – a premium entertainment environment filled with high-end gaming PCs and consoles and featuring the most popular esports titles in the industry. In addition to getting in on the exciting gaming action, NAB attendees were able to learn more about KVM’s role in esports. Industry leaders presented success stories of how designers, gaming developers, and live-event planners are achieving amazing results with IHSE’s esports solutions – including the company’s new Draco ultra DP 240 gaming extender.

“The NAB Esports Experience is one of the most exciting and best-attended events at this year’s show, and we’re proud to be a part of it. Every day, the esports stage will be filled with popular gaming influencers and esports professionals competing in live tournaments, and attendees will get the opportunity to practice their gaming skills,” said Dan Holland, Marketing Manager for IHSE USA, LLC. “The Esports Experience brings together the best parts of the fast-growing gaming segment into one immersive activation, with the spotlight on powerful new enabling technologies like our Draco ultra DP 240 extenders. This new product is designed to deliver the higher refresh rates – up to 240Hz at full 1080p resolutions – that competitive gamers demand.”

IHSE USA also hosted a panel forum, ‘Before the Games Begin: A Behind-the-Screens Look at Building Amazing Esports Infrastructure’. The audience gained insights about how broadcast technology can be used for esporting events, and they also heard firsthand why broadcast equipment manufacturers are increasing their involvement in esports engagement. The session included discussions of cutting-edge installations as well as control-room and in-venue production designs that move esports operations to advanced levels. Industry leaders from top gaming companies presented success stories of how designers, gaming developers, and live event planners achieve amazing results for the latest esports fan experiences.

Esports is the perfect application for a custom-designed, dependable KVM extender. Gaming pros typically require a lot of screens, both onstage and elsewhere, in a venue that can offer sufficient support for high-end, distributed video and direct computer access, together with minimal latency or mouse lag. Also, the backstage areas tend to be larger because the players and teams need to practice in those spaces. With Draco ultra DP 240, gamers have a single point of control for accessing and managing all of these sources from any location in a gaming venue. They’re able to see sharp visuals during fast-action game play with smoother mouse action compared to a typical 60Hz display.

Holland added, “For over 35 years, IHSE USA has been offering traditional KVM systems and delivering best-in-breed performance for display management applications in live arena sports, mobile sports production, and live-event broadcasting. Now, we’re happy to extend this powerful extender technology with all-new Draco ultra DP 240, which raises the performance bar for the next generation of esports stadiums.”

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