Report on Illegal Streaming During 2018 Russia Football Tournament

During the international football cup, Viaccess-Orca is happy to share three in-depth reports that address the current piracy landscape. The reports are dedicated to measuring and analysing illegal streaming during the 2018 football matches in Russia and provide detailed facts and figures about the number of illegal streams, host domains, links and more.

In the next report Viaccess-Orca will continue to share the figures and compare the number of links and the sites behind the links. Viaccess-Orca will interview a major ISP in France and a content owner about its views as to how to efficiently fight illegal streaming. Viaccess-Orca see an opportunity during this football event to examine the current tendencies in intellectual property infringement, not only focusing on illegal streaming but also on counterfeit, a major challenge as well.

These special edition reports are directed by Christine Maury Panis, EVP General Counsel and Security, Renaud Presty, Director of Security and Kevin LeJannic, Product Manager, Security.



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