Mark Roberts Motion Control and ChyronHego Partner on Player Tracking

Nikon Corporation has announced that Mark Roberts Motion Control Limited (MRMC), a Nikon Group company, has established a new commercial partnership with ChyronHego Corporation the provider of broadcast graphics creation solutions and real-time data visualisation. The partnership will bring together ChyronHego’s optical sports tracking system TRACAB, which identifies and follows players on the field and provides instant live game-play metrics, and MRMC’s Polycam System, which enables real-time synchronised movement of multiple robotic cameras.

The two companies say combination of these technologies will lead to the development of innovative new products, as well as tracking solutions that use artificial intelligence. This, they say, will enable ever more accurate and efficient data gathering and real-time video capture throughout the sports industry.

The partnership will focus on automated robotic camera tracking systems. Central to this will be MRMC’s new Robotic Pod camera system. This next-generation production tool opens up the possibilities for remote robotic camera use, and has been designed to allow the effortless and flexible capture of video as well as stills from new and unique angles. Like the TRACAB system, the Robotic Pod can be installed temporarily or permanently in venues. At the heart of every Robotic Pod is a Nikon D5 Digital SLR camera which delivers extremely high image quality, regardless of the limited lighting available in some venues. Even in a mixed camera environment, MRMC’s live color control technology makes it easy to match the color output with other systems.

MRMC CEO Assaff Rawner stated, “Having worked together for a number of years with ChyronHego, we are thrilled to be entering this partnership. ChyronHego’s graphics solutions and installed tracking systems expand possibilities for our automated remote camera systems.”

“We’re proud that TRACAB has become the global leader in camera-based player- and ball-tracking systems, installed in more than 300 stadiums and capturing live tracking data for more than 4,500 games every year,” said Sören Kjellin, CTO, ChyronHego. “By bringing together these exciting technologies from two industry-leading brands, our partnership with MRMC is the latest example of how data-driven, innovative solutions are accelerating professional sports teams, leagues, and broadcasters around the world.”

Using ChyronHego’s connections in the sports industry, MRMC will approach sports leagues and stadiums to further expand its business in this area. As part of this new partnership, ChyronHego will distribute and sell MRMC automated solutions alongside selected Nikon sales subsidiaries, acting as a retailer for MRMC automated solutions to current and new customers.

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