Automatically Eliminate the Dreaded Squirm

As anyone who’s worked on a live fully automated production can attest, even the most seasoned on-air talent is not predictable. They squirm fidget, slouch, and move out of frame without warning. Can your studio automation system keep up, intuitively correcting for these and other split-second problems? The new Telemetrics RCCP-1A Remote Camera Control Panel with reFrame Automatic Shot Correction technology can.

Telemetrics is literally re-inventing the camera preset process with an innovative object-based motion control software feature called that locks onto and follows the talent by auto-correcting for unwanted out of frame shifting or misplaced graphics elements… without ever touching the control panel.
Leveraging proprietary facial and pattern recognition algorithms, reFrame technology launches a series of presets that the system can instinctively default to when the talent unexpectedly moves. There’s no need to grab a joystick or frantically push some buttons to readjust the framing, and correct for unsightly on-air errors.
Studio automation should deliver a smooth, reliable experience with every camera shot properly farmed and trimmed, no matter how much your talent squirms. The new RCCP-1A does the work for you, like a true camera control and automation system should.

Telemetrics robotic camera control with reFrame technology makes manual adjustments a thing of the past. The new RCCP-1A control panel will be on display at the NAB Convention, booth C8319. Stop by for a demo and see for yourself.



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