NZ Racing Board Reviews Broadcast Operations

As part of an overall streamlining plan, the New Zealand Racing Board is reviewing its requirements and methods for the production of live broadcasts.

In its Statement of Intent 2018-2020, the NZRB’s Chief Executive Officer, John Allen (pictured), said, “A project is underway to look at the way we capture live footage from race tracks. Our fleet of outside broadcast (OB) vehicles are nearing end-of-life and if vision is lost, even for a short time, the impact on betting revenue is significant.

“The current operating model has provided a good solution to this point. However, maintaining it requires heavy capital investment in ageing technology and significant travel and logistics to manage. We are taking the opportunity of this need for change to review how different innovative solutions may help us improve our business and be more efficient and adaptable to the future needs of both NZRB and the wider industry.

“And, of course, in addition to our key initiatives and projects, we will be ensuring our extensive operations are supported to continue to deliver our net profit targets. We’ll be broadcasting tens of thousands of races across the country through our two TV channels and radio station, taking millions of bets at our TAB stores and through our online channels, ensuring our ever-critical and specialised technology continues to operate 24/7, and providing all the supporting services that go with operating a business of this size and complexity.”

Endorsed by the NZRB Board in November 2016, the organisation initiated the Vision Capture project to design and implement a long-term strategy for how racing footage is captured in New Zealand. The project has now moved into phase one of implementation.

“The proposed plan enables us to provide targeted solutions depending on the different levels of production required to maximise efficiency, allow flexibility and target investment where necessary,” stated NZRB CEO Allen. “With our outside broadcast fleet near end-of-life, the project has taken the opportunity to review our current operating model and investigate how different solutions may help us be more efficient and adaptable to the future needs of both NZRB and the wider industry.”



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