Bexel Launches Sideline Audio/Video Cart

Bexel recently announced the launch of its Sideline Audio/Video Cart, a plug-and-play solution for streamlining the acquisition of field audio and video feeds in all types of stadium sports productions. With its pneumatic tires and aluminium shell, the Sideline Audio/Video Cart can be deployed on the sideline or end-zone of a sports field, or anywhere requiring quick and easy connections for video and audio feeds.

“At Bexel we’re always looking to anticipate our customers’ requirements with creative and innovative services while at the same time offering a systematic solution to their real-world challenges,” said Lee Estroff, Vice President, Account Development, Bexel. “That’s exactly the thinking that went into our new Sideline cart. It’s an efficient and self-contained vehicle that not only offers greater flexibility in acquiring audio and video feeds, but also accelerates setup and saves money. There is nothing else like it in the industry.”

The Sideline Audio/Video Cart is customisable and can be equipped to each customer’s specifications. Since equipment can be pre-assembled in the cart, setup and strike times are greatly reduced. Staff costs are lowered because fewer technicians are required on-site, and they can arrive later to the venue. The cart provides connections for single-mode fibre, SMPTE hybrid and copper cables, and hydra cable assemblies, and it enables MADI audio as well as wireless audio and video transmissions. A built-in patch-bay makes it easy to monitor, troubleshoot, and manage signal routing.

The lightweight Sideline Audio/Video Cart can be moved into place and deployed in minutes by a single person, and it comes complete with integrated antenna poles, customised drawers for stowing gear, and a flat tabletop surface that can serve as an on-site workspace. The standard cart measures 183 by 120 by 91.5cm, providing ample rack space for shows of any size, and its rugged, weather-resistant housing protects gear in all types of conditions. The cart is powered via 110V outlet and provides an extended period of UPS backup power.



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