Open Broadcast Systems Supports E-Gaming and Digital Cinema

Open Broadcast Systems will be launching its latest IP contribution solutions for digital cinema and e-gaming at IBC2017.

This allows for new content formats to gain the benefits of IP video in order to deliver new experiences to consumers.

Open Broadcast Systems is demonstrating a new solution for e-gaming. The solution has already been proven, delivering numerous e-gaming events for major broadcasters. This allows e-gaming content providers to reach audience beyond existing online platforms.

The company is also demonstrating a new solution using standard IT hardware to offer an efficient, cost effective method for delivering live content to digital cinemas. It enables content providers to deliver content direct to cinemas cost-efficiently, whilst maintaining a high quality feed, particularly important for viewing on the big screen. This solution can be remotely managed over IP, ensuring a managed viewer experience without the need for costly satellite distribution and on-site configuration.

“The provision of content is changing, with content providers live broadcasts to more platforms than ever before,” commented Kieran Kunhya, Managing Director, Open Broadcast Systems. “This is leading them into new areas and more than ever they need robust solutions to enable them to maximise the potential of those sectors.”

Open Broadcast Systems will be demonstrating these innovations at stand 7.J38U at IBC2017. To book a meeting please email



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