Bluefish444 Announces HD/SD Compatibility with BTi Engage CG

Bluefish444 has announced compatibility with Engage CG from Business Technology. Engage CG is a macOS master control graphics platform developed by BTi for broadcasters. It enables news brands to present viewers with beautiful real-time information tickers, whether the content is being viewed via over-the-air broadcast or an online stream.

Engage CG fully integrates with other BTi software, allowing for a combination of school closings with sports scores, severe weather alerts, news, and election results. Engage CG can be used to automatically reposition routine tickers when an emergency weather crawl is urgently required, or integrate candidate tweets from Twitter while election results are displayed.

Bluefish444 and BTi have worked together to qualify Bluefish444ís Epoch | Neutron video card range with BTi’s Engage CG software, providing a reliable and easy-to-use solution to generate and broadcast dynamic information to viewers. By taking advantage of the low latency hardware keyer within the Epoch | Neutron video card, Engage CG users can add overlays to a broadcast at full 12-bit precision with only microseconds of delay, resulting in the best possible preview quality for viewers.

“BTi are recognised as an innovative macOS developer for a host of broadcast workflows,” said Craige Mott, Managing Director of Bluefish444. “We value their partnership and offer the BTi customer base the highest quality and most reliable SDI I/O to perfectly compliment Engage CG.”

“The support we have received from the Bluefish444 team has been great, and has allowed our integration between their video cards and our Engage CG software to be successful,” said Fred McCoy, Director of National Sales at Business Technology, Inc. “The high quality and reliable nature of their hardware was the reason we wanted to work with Bluefish444, and we hope we can continue to build the partnership in future.”

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