PI ASC Signal Division to Provide Multiple Antennas for Rio Olympics

The ASC Signal Division of Communications and Power Industrieshas won a contract for eight multi-band antennas to be installed by Brazilian integrator Seal Broadcast and Content to provide coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and other regional sporting broadcasts for a major Latin American broadcast network. The contract includes one 7.6-meter dual C- and Ku-band transmit/receive antenna and seven 4.5-meter antennas configured with a mix of C-and K-band receive-only and Ku-band transmit/receive capabilities.

All of the antennas are equipped with the Next-Generation Controller (NGC) from CPI ASC Signal Division. The NGC gives the operator a single, simplified, central device to control and operate multiple antenna systems. The NGC’s advanced features include remote access and tracking capabilities built into the system, an internal spectrum analyser, redundancy control systems, and many other high-performance controller features.

The 31st Summer Olympic Games kick off in Rio on August 5, 2016 and will vault Latin America into Olympic annals for the first time in history.  The city has invested more than 100 billion dollars in infrastructure and transportation to support the Games as well as the World Cup played in Rio in 2015.

“The Olympic Games are the ultimate test for broadcasters in terms of performance, reliability and flexibility,” said Keith Buckley, President of CPI ASC Signal Division.  “In selecting our antennas, Seal and its customers were mindful of our reputation for delivering the highest possible performance, a dedication to engineering quality and our low total cost of ownership.”

Visit http://www.ascsignal.com and http://www.cpii.com


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