Logitek Introduces mixIT AoIP Console

Logitek has introduced mixIT, a compact AoIP audio console. mixIT works in conjunction with Logitek’s JetStream Mini and JetStream Plus routers as well as the new Jet-67 AES-67 engine.

Designed for broadcast applications, the mixIT incorporates 12 faders into a tabletop enclosure. As with Logitek’s Helix consoles, mixIT provides metering, source selection and scene selects via two 7-inch touchscreens above the faders. On-board router widgets enable easy selection of transmission, recording or codec feeds. Controls are also provided for talkback to Studio / Remote, Monitor (control room, studio and headphone) and the console’s built-in cue speaker. A program meter simplifies operation by providing indicators for ‘too high / too low’, enabling at-a-glance setting of optimum levels.

“The mixIT beautifully complements our Helix line by bringing some of its most popular features to a compact, less expensive form factor,” said Tag Borland, Logitek President. “Users today are completely familiar with control via touchscreen, and those touchscreens bring both intuitive operation and an uncluttered surface to the studio.”

Visit https://logitekaudio.com