Frontier Launches Cost-Optimised DAB Solution for Automotive Aftermarket

Frontier Smart Technologies announced the launch of its 3rd generation AutoDAB software for automotive aftermarket DAB digital radios.

This new software will enable brands and manufacturers to design robust innovative automotive products in advance of the switch-off of FM services in Switzerland which is expected to begin in 2020/21.

AutoDAB 3.0 is a major upgrade to Frontier’s established AutoDAB software platform, which provides software for automotive digital radio modules. AutoDAB has been deployed by leading brands, such as Sony and Pure, for several years.

The new version of AutoDAB retains the key features of the previous generation of the platform, including DAB/DAB service following, recommendations for DAB/FM service following and multiple pre-set options.

AutoDAB 3.0 introduces several features which will enhance end-product functionality and reduce unit costs. It also comes with tools to help manufacturers accelerate their time to market.

The major new features include:

  • Superior service-following based on improved algorithms to detect signal Degradation combined with new autonomous service following functionality.
  • enhanced announcements and warnings to comply with the latest DAB standards.
  • Simple profile Slideshow for streaming images to the host processor.

AutoDAB 3.0 is designed to work with Frontier’s 4th generation digital radio chip, Kino 4, which provides a single, integrated chip solution for DAB processing and RF reception. For manufacturers, the benefits of the single chip solution are smaller size, easier integration and lower bill of materials.

AutoDAB 3.0 also comes with tools to help manufacturers in the design and testing of new automotive aftermarket products – to help accelerate time-to-market.

Lead customers are currently designing AutoDAB 3.0 into new products, which are expected to reach retail markets in mid-2019.

Prem Rajalingham, Chief Commercial Officer, Frontier Smart Technologies, said, “With AutoDAB 3.0 we are offering customers a significantly enhanced automotive aftermarket software solution. This release will enable manufacturers to develop new products in time for the switch-off of FM in Switzerland. With important new features and exploiting the benefits of an integrated single chip solution, we believe this is a major step forward for manufacturers of automotive aftermarket DAB radios and adapters.”