Comrex Introduces FieldTap

Comrex will release FieldTap, a new phone application for remote broadcasting, in Q3 of 2018. FieldTap uses SIP to make it possible for users to transmit audio with the touch of a button.

Aimed toward reporters and street team contributors for short drop-ins, FieldTap features a very simple user interface. With a one-button control screen, users of any technical ability can connect from the field to the station by simply pressing a single button. FieldTap is a simple SIP client that uses Voice over IP (VoIP) to make it possible for field users to send wideband audio from their cellphones over cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

FieldTap is compatible with all Comrex IP audio codecs. FieldTap can also be used in conjunction with EarShot IFB, a new VoIP IFB system from Comrex that replaces POTS lines and auto couplers. EarShot IFB is perfect for live ENG applications – it provides four audio feeds, and can support up to 10 wideband calls (or 30 regular calls). With FieldTap, EarShot IFB callers can receive high-quality audio, instead of standard cellphone audio.