SIGNUM: DVB-S/S2 IRD for Radio Networks

The development of digital satellite contribution networks and the need to connect a large number of sites require a professional IRD able to generate the composite MPX signal for FM transmitters and to be ready for the future migration to DAB/DAB+. The SIGNUM demodulates one or two DVB-S/S2 signals up to 32APSK (single/multi-stream), achieving 256 KS/s as minimum symbol rate. The TS demodulated signals can be aligned and configured in 1+1 seamless switching for redundancy, which can also be achieved with external ASI and TSoIP inputs.

Signum supports MPEG-1 LI/II audio codecs, providing both analog and digital outputs; moreover, it’s possible to set a data PID to be decoded and passed to the internal RDS encoder, generating the dual MPX FM output. For future needs, EDI interface makes SIGNUM the ideal product to feed transmitters in DAB/DAB+ environments. BISS 0/1/E descrambling is also supported.

The front panel is fitted with a two-inch TFT touchscreen, the ethernet management port, a USB connector for customer authentication and firmware upgrades. The back panel hosts all I/O connectors either for baseband and RF signals.

Signum Main Features:

  • Self-contained compact solution.
  • DVB-S/S2 receiver single and multistream.
  • Dual tuner for redundancy.
  • 256 KS/s minimum Symbol Rate.
  • ASI and TSoIP input and output interfaces.
  • MPEG-1 LI/II audio codec support.
  • (Optional) AAC audio codec.
  • Data PID decryption for RDS (ASCII or raw serial data recovery).
  • Analog and Digital audio outputs.
  • MPX stereo encoder with embedded overshoot limiter.
  • Composite MPX out for FM transmitters.
  • EDI out for DAB/DAB+ transmitters.