DAB+ on Show at IAA 2017

At the recently held IAA Show, The ARD stand, managed by Hessischer Rundfunk (HR), the public broadcaster for the state of Hesse, showcased digital radio.

The ARD stand included significant DAB+ branding and showcased home and automotive DAB+ receivers from a range of manufacturers.  ARD announced the launch of its TPEG traffic information service across all of Germany. The Swiss SRG also started operating its own TPEG service and ARD and SRG jointly planned this step, coordinating on technical and content-related issues. ARD demonstrated the TPEG traffic information service in a mock car dashboard.

More and more Germans are tuning in to digital radio, with a significant marketing from ARD and Deutschlandradio taking place throughout 2017. From the official VDA research in 2016, 21 percent of new cars in Germany have digital radio. As more countries across Europe roll out DAB+, it is more important than ever for drivers to have digital radio installed as standard in new cars.

In Germany population coverage for digital radio has hit 96 percent and in February this year, Dorothee Bär, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, published the Digital Radio Action Plan. At the same time the Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate announced support for an initiative outlining that all radio devices should have digital capability.

DAB+ is the most widely adopted digital radio standard worldwide, on-air in 38 countries with over 2000 services reaching over 420 million people. It is secure, reliable and free-to-air and the broadcast standard of choice in Europe, Asia Pacific and beyond with several markets moving forward with a Digital Switchover including the first, Norway, in 2017.

DAB enables broadcasters to increase audiences and extend geographic reach. New services and more listener choice results in increased revenue opportunities and new business models such as station sponsorship and DAB pop-up stations.

Visit https://www.worlddab.org and https://www.iaa.de