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  • Logitek Introduces mixIT AoIP Console

    Logitek has introduced mixIT, a compact AoIP audio console. mixIT works in conjunction with Logitek’s JetStream Mini and JetStream Plus routers as well as the new Jet-67 AES-67 engine. Designed for broadcast applications, the […]

  • Nanjing Radio Connects with NTP

    Nanjing Radio, one of China’s largest regional broadcast networks, has invested in NTP Technology Penta 720 audio embedder/de-embedders and 721 routing/networking interfaces at its studio headquarters in Nanjing City. Nanjing Radio is a family […]

  • Changes to Katherine NT Radio Services

    Listeners of commercial radio station Hot 100 (8HOT) on 765 kHz AM in Katherine in Australia’s Northern Territtory may soon have to change their dials if the Australian Communications & Media Authority accepts a […]

  • Indian FM Networks Deliver with GatesAir

    GatesAir, the provider of wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for TV and radio broadcasters, has won turnkey FM radio contracts in India with private broadcasters Sambhav Media and ENIL. The deals comprise Flexiva FAX […]

  • New Axia iQx AoIP Console Is Here

    Appearances can be deceiving. Axia iQx looks like a traditional console, but it’s actually a surface and mix engine rolled into one – at an affordable price. We dove deep with AES67, giving you […]