StratusCore Integrates Teradici Cloud – Delivers Flexible Virtual Creative Workforce

StratusCore has unveiled a collaboration with Teradici to integrate Cloud Access Software into StratusCore Virtual Workstations, enabling StratusCore customers to easily access creative software tools on a PCoIP-enabled virtualised workstation in a pay-as-you-go service. The service lowers the cost barrier to entry for new digital content creators and developers and allows them to ramp up new projects quickly. The integration will provide the most demanding digital content creators with a highly optimised, auto-provisioned, accelerated virtualised workstation experience – all without the need to purchase, configure and maintain expensive equipment, operating systems, and software tools.

StratusCore Virtual Workstations support the digital content community and drive education of creative software tools for the current and next generation digital content creators including VFX artists, game developers and animators. Teradici Cloud Access Software, built on industry-leading PCoIP technology, securely delivers high-performance virtual workstations from the cloud to a variety of endpoints with lossless image quality and is used by many of the top digital content studios in the world.

“Content creators need a seamless ultra-high-resolution graphics experience in an easy-to-access full-service creation platform, and the ability to access creative software tools and infrastructure as an on-demand service is uniquely compelling,” said Brian Lowe, Vice President of Sales for Teradici. “The combination of Teradici PCoIP technology with StratusCore’s Platform is a game-changer in terms of the flexibility it offers for digital content creators and teams.”

“StratusCore’s goal is to modernise the way creative software tools and complex infrastructure are provisioned and used by both freelancers and global teams alike,” explains Denise Muyco, CEO of StratusCore. “Partners like Teradici align with StratusCore’s vision to provide resources and virtual tools to the content creation community for education and training on new and existing creation software tools. More importantly, we are shaping how the digital content creation industry works in this project-based economy through StratusCore’s virtual workplace. Virtual workstation, render, storage, and collaboration resources are just the beginning. Teradici’s secure access and session management is a complementary and frictionless solution to augment StratusCore’s rapidly expanding multi-cloud integrated experiences, including StratusCore’s private infrastructure and public clouds such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.”

StratusCore will enable trials and support educational opportunities for the community. Muyco continued, “StratusCore is responding to clear customer demand and is in full support of how a new generation of creative professionals expect to work collaboratively. We are well aware of the tsunami of content demand taxing the current workforce and will continue to innovate with great partners to provide an ideal creative production environment.”

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