Perceptually Matching Displays

According to Bram Desmet, CEO and General Manager with Flanders Scientific, Perceptual Display Matching has always been an area of interest for the company. In the past Flanders Scientific has covered the topic of metamerism failure, perceptual matching using LightSpace CMS, and similar topics. The company now has an additional workflow paper and video available for those looking for a more fine-tuned display matching process.

Tetrahedral LUT Interpolation for DM Series Monitors

Meanwhile, the most recent update to the company’s DM series monitors enables tetrahedral LUT interpolation providing improvements to accuracy and on screen performance for both calibration and DIT/Look LUTs.

“After first introducing this capability for XM series monitors and BoxIO we are now very excited to bring tetrahedral LUT interpolation to DM series monitors. By moving from trilinear to tetrahedral interpolation clients can expect greater accuracy and visual performance across the board, but especially as they utilize our DIT/Look LUT feature with 3D LUTs that encompass aggressive image manipulations,” says Desmet.