NUGEN Audio Updates Halo Downmix with Netflix Preset

NUGEN Audio has updated its Halo Downmix with new ranges for downmix coefficients and a Netflix preset. 

The new version of Halo Downmix also adds a new LFE enable control and LFE filter cutoff control. Halo Downmix provides precise downmixing of feature-film and 5.1 mixes to stereo, delivering accurate downmixes that are no longer limited to typical in-the-box processes. It allows for flexible adjustment and provides visual controls for relative levels, timing and direct vs. ambient sound balance. NUGEN Audio also offers an optional 3D Immersive Extension, which adds capability for downmixing 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos bed tracks to 7.1, 5.1 and stereo.

“When we create and update existing solutions at NUGEN, we always consider the feedback and needs of our customers to provide reliable and organic solutions,” says Paul Tapper, CEO, NUGEN Audio. “We have longstanding relationships with many top broadcasters and post facilities in the industry who have helped us develop and evolve our plug-ins to fit the rapidly changing industry standards. Being able to work within the latest requirements and specifications set by Netflix, gives our customers an edge in producing compliant content over other solutions currently on the market.”

NUGEN Audio has also released an Audio Management Batch processor extension (AMB) and Loudness Toolkit 2.8. The AMB Enterprise extension expands the features required for larger businesses with automated networked systems, and helps customers integrate the solution more deeply into automated production workflows. AMB is a powerful audio management batch-processing technology with numerous options for high-speed audio loudness measurement and correction, upmixing, dynamics control, decoding and file handling. The new enterprise functionality offers unprecedented scalability and enables post production facilities of all sizes to accelerate workflows significantly and reduce delivery times for a range of different tasks, with separate modules available for upmixing and loudness management. 

Loudness Toolkit 2.8, meanwhile, provides an updated loudness parameter, Dialogue LRA as well as an added flexibility to simultaneously monitor multiple integrated measures. The Loudness Toolkit works within the recent loudness guidelines, such as the Netflix best practice document. It includes the VisLM loudness meter, ISL limiter and LM-Correct quick fix tool, supports native 7.1.2 audio processing and loudness parameters for advanced loudness control and dialog consistency. The enhanced toolkit also now includes the DynApt extension.