Meet v3.5 recently debuted new features today at the IBC Show. Packaged as v3.5, it includes secure sharing via email with access control, advanced media asset search and filter capabilities, range-based comments, a redesigned iOS app, and a brand new App Marketplace to enable seamless workflow integrations.

Real-time collaboration has become a staple in post-production workflows as the demand for video content has increased while turnaround times have compressed, making the tool of choice across media creation operations of all types and sizes. “Each iteration of the platform addresses a new set of challenges for media professionals, with secure content sharing always in the forefront,” comments Emery Wells, co-founder and CEO of “ v3.5 reduces workflow complexity to let creatives do what they do best: create. We’re constantly working to deliver a best-in-class user experience on a platform that users tell us they can’t live without.”

Feature Highlights in v3.5

  • Secure sharing: Login-only access and the new Inbox (available in Beta for enterprise accounts) Login-only sharing ensures that only approved users from specified accounts can access Review and Presentation links. Account-level controls allow admins to enforce this authorisation configuration on all share links across their account. A new Reviewer role means designated users get a clean view of only the files shared with them, without all the clutter of projects and other work-in-progress.

An adjunct feature, the new Inbox makes it easier for teams to see everything that’s been shared. Inbox keeps all invitations – regardless of user status – in one authentication protected place, organised for review.

  • Advanced asset search and filter Improved search and filter capabilities make finding media assets quick and painless. has made it possible to find a single asset or entire project by combining multiple filters – like date, file type, uploader and more – even when sifting through millions of assets. These powerful search capabilities also help users leverage for evergreen workflows that exist outside of the context of work-in-progress projects.
  • Range-based comments and precision scrubbing Scrubbing in v3.5 is now smoother and more accurate – and helpful for the much anticipated range-based comments feature, which allows reviewers to set in- and out-points in order to accurately pinpoint an entire range within a longer video for more detailed and comprehensive feedback across scenes or sequences. Range-based comments are frame-accurate and flow into NLEs in the same way comments always have, eliminating confusion and ambiguity.
  • iOS 2.0 The award-winning iOS app has been upgraded with a new design and the addition of several key web features, including precision scrubbing, Viewed status, a new File Information tab, team-only commenting, and a new Share flow that better mimics that of the web app.

A new app marketplace

In addition to key NLE integrations like in DaVinci Resolve and the recently updated Premiere Pro Extension, works with a multitude of additional apps to make the entire process of video creation a seamless experience. Whether searching for stock footage and music, backing up media, or publishing a finished project, has made it simpler by creating a centralised site to help users link to over 1,000 apps that enable them to customise their workflows.

New player controls

Editors will enjoy the ability to set fine-grained playback speeds that allow them to view videos at a faster (but still watchable) speed. They can also go back and forth to fullscreen mode with a keystroke, and use the JKL keys to accelerate and decelerate from their preset default speeds by 2x, 4x, and 8x.