EFILM’s Mitch Paulson Joins “The Addams Family”

“The first family of Halloween” returns to the big screen in the first animated comedy about the oddest family in the neighborhood. To put a fresh spin on familiar characters, Co-Directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan went back to the original 1930s New Yorker comics by creator Charles Addams for inspiration. Vernon and Tiernan then turned to EFILM Senior Colourist Mitch Paulson to handle the final colour.

“The film is a throwback to Charles Addams’ original designs, though Conrad and Greg modernise thematic elements to resonate with today’s audiences. It’s an interesting mix of the past and the present,” described Paulson.

Overall, the filmmakers wanted to create a contrast between the shadowy, dark, monochromatic world the Addams family inhabits and the bright, colourful world of the nearby town and its residents.

“A primary focus was to keep scenes in and around the Addams family’s home darker compared to everything else. At one point a bright red balloon drifts over from the nearby town and the bright red sharply contrasts with that more muted palette,” explaind Paulson.

Paulson delivered SDR and HDR colour finishes for both the 2D and 3D theatrical versions, as well as colour for the Dolby Vision home video.

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