Warren Eagles Lands in Singapore for Classes at Media Asylum

Warren Eagles Media Asylum August 2019

For those in Singapore (and nearby) Warren Eagles of the International Colorist Academy is returning to Media ASYLUM in August with two fresh colourist classes.

19 – 20 August 2019 (2-days)

Ideal for current Resolve colourists with at least one year of experience or students who have taken the RG101 or RG180 class. We cover advanced techniques using the latest Resolve software that focuses on colorists who are grading feature films, commercials, and TV dramas.

21 – 22 August 2019 (2-days)

Students will learn how to bring a movie or sequence to life. They will review movie and drama sequences and discuss how the colour and mood has enhanced the film. They will also learn how to create the traditional “looks” from movies, TV commercials, and music videos, as well as how to match those looks, not only shot to shot, but also to an entire scene.

Fees for each class are SGD$1800.

To register, click here