IKINEMA Delivers Immersion and Realism for nDreams

unnamedIKINEMA, has announced that its RunTime middleware has been harnessed in the development of Phantom: Covert Ops, created by UK virtual reality game studio, nDreams. The games’ unveiling was successfully received during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles and was awarded numerous accolades, notably for Best VR/AR Game of the Year at the Game Critics Awards.

IKINEMA RunTime is an industry-proven procedural animation technology deployed by triple-A games studios to achieve highly realistic whole body motion and immersion for human and fantasy characters and tactile game-play. Game developers rely on RunTime to help bring their game vision to life, accelerate production cycles by as much as five times or more and unlock time for animators and artists to maximise the full development potential. Prominent customers powering their games with IKINEMA include Electronic Arts, SEGA, Ubisoft, and many more.

“The IKINEMA solver has allowed us to move beyond ‘floating hands’ and provide a realistic body that represents the player’s controller and headset movements 1:1 in the game. Whole-body awareness has enabled us to holster equipment on the player’s person so they can reach for a pistol on their chest or submachine gun slung over their shoulder. Additionally, being able to see their arms, shoulders and torso in their periphery can help a player feel more grounded and present in our interactive world. IKINEMA is mature and well-supported across multiple platforms, delivering performance suitable for untethered platforms like Oculus Quest as well as high-end PC VR,” said Grant Bolton, Technical Director, nDreams.

Phantom: Covert Ops is a unique immersive stealth action game designed for Oculus Quest and Rift gamers. Set in post-Cold War, players take on the role of an elite Phantom operative assigned to eliminate hostiles with heavy arsenal by way of silently paddling a military kayak in the shadow of remote, hostile wetlands.

Meet IKINEMA at the following 2019 games conferences:

  • Develop:Brighton, UK | 9–11 July
  • Devcom, Cologne, Germany | 18–19 August | IKINEMA booth: #9
  • Gamecom, Cologne, Germany | 20 August
  • Tokyo Game Show | 12–15 September

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IKINEMA RunTime procedurally animates 3D characters of any shape or size during real-time, resulting in avatars that respond with superior fidelity to the world around them, producing highest levels of life-like and natural movement with full-body immersion in VR. In-game Retargeting is the latest RunTime tool for efficient in-game transferral of character motion retargeted from one animation source across multiple characters with varying bone hierarchies. The result is massive reduction of animation assets and blend trees for each character, replaces method of replicating multiple animation sets, frees up time to focus on creating high fidelity game worlds and quality animation. The middleware enables studios to significantly reduce animation assets to slash production time and cost by five times or more. Download a free copy of the IKINEMA RunTime Demo Package.

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