Mr Fung Tak Hung Becomes Executive Director of i-CABLE News

Mr Fung Tak Hung has taken up the role of Executive Director of Hong Kong-based i-CABLE News Limited. 

Mr Fung is a veteran journalist who has dedicated himself to the news industry for over 30 years. As one of the founding members of i-CABLE News, he has served for the Company for around 20 years. With his profound understanding of news production and management, as well as a commitment to the highest journalistic standards, Mr Fung is highly regarded by his fellow professionals. A graduate from the School of Journalism of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he has worked for a number of prominent media organizations in Hong Kong including i-CABLE News. Looking forward, he will lead i-CABLE News to a new chapter of its development. In this regard, Mr Wong Yu Fat, News Controller of i-CABLE News has been promoted to Senior Vice President of i-CABLE News to assist Mr Fung in the management of the Company’s news division.

The appointment follows the retirement of outgoing Executive Director Mr Ronald Chiu Ying Chun who will continue to serve the Company as Special Advisor to Chairman. 

Mr Chiu has served the news broadcast industry for over 40 years. After joining CABLE TV in 1991, he helped the Company launch the world¡¦s first 24-hour Chinese news channel as well as the first fully-digitised news operation in Asia. 

Mr Fung Tak Hung, incoming Executive Director of i-CABLE News, said, “I am deeply honored to be appointed for my new role. No doubt many exciting challenges lie ahead. I look forward to teaming up once again with my news division colleagues, and we shall produce our best for i-CABLE News, fairly, impartially and with the utmost dedication.”

Ms Irene Leung Shuk Yee, Chief Operating Officer of i-CABLE Communications Limited, said, “As a leader of the news industry, Mr Fung Tak Hung has laid a solid foundation for the establishment and subsequent development of i-CABLE News. I am pleased to have Mr Fung re-joining the Group to lead the future development of i-CABLE News. On behalf of the Group, I would also like to express our gratitude for Mr Ronald Chiu’s contribution and dedication to the development of CABLE TV in the past 25 years, with his work key to cementing i-CABLE News’ leading status in the industry.”



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