Steve Adler Joins AVC Group

Veteran broadcast technologist Steve Adler has joined AVC Group as Engineering & Support Manager. 

Adler previously held the role of National Radio Engineering Manager with Southern Cross Austereo for seven years. Prior to that, he served as Director of Technology with DMG Radio Australia, Director and Board Member of DMG Radio Australia Pty Ltd, and as Chief Engineer with FOX FM & SAFM (Austereo Limited).

During his time at Southern Cross Austereo, Steve’s achievements included: design, project management, build, commission and relocation of numerous SCA stations and sites; design, project management, build, commission and launch of “SCAsat” Audio Networking System; project management of SCA Transmitter refurbishment program; and design and project management of the SCA Zetta and G-Selector rollout program.

Steve was also a Member of the Engineering Committee for Commercial Radio Australia, and also served on its Digital Technical Advisory Committee. 

His new role will involve oversight of AVC’s engineering and support for the company, as well as bringing a broadcaster’s perspective to sales support. For Adler, joining AVC Group comes after a long association in the customer’s seat.

“We were partners in building a system that ended up being called SCAsat,” says Adler. “It was an audio distribution system. We took it from an idea to being a production system that, to this day, Southern Cross Austereo relies on to do what they do.

“It was a marvellous relationship in that it was very respectful. We had we had to work through some pretty serious issues. Ultimately, we got to a point that no-one has reached since. Now I really have the chance to be part of that sales process where we can offer to others the fruits of those labours.”

According to new AVC Group CEO Justin Hall, “My recent appointment coming on as CEO has signalled AVC’s intention of taking a longer-term view, and with Steve joining us – the combination of his experience, his approach, and his project management skills – is really part of building on top of an already strong team. 

“Also, the fact that we’re moving down the path of larger projects with customers that have a wider scale, we’re not just looking at studio by studio, we’re looking at networks and other emerging technologies, and Steve’s really going to help our leadership team tackle that going forward.”




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