QScript.app for On-Air Mobility

aQ Broadcast Limited, which provides an integrated range of newsroom, scripting, automation and media management software alongside video server and production hardware, has announced the launch of QScript.app, a mobile version of its QScript which provides script and rundown information to on-air presenters.

Currently, on-air presenters rely on printed sheets, which have to be reprinted after every change and which are difficult to use if a presenter is standing rather than sitting at a desk. QScript.app enables them to quickly and easily view the current version of any script on a tablet – e.g. an iPad – instead of needing to refer to a pile of paper.

QScript.app marks the first time aQ has produced an application designed to run natively within a web browser using standard HTML5, JavaScript and AJAX technologies. Previously its software has been intended to run primarily on a PC under Windows.

This new portable approach means that the app can run on any platform (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.) and within any browser (Explorer, Edge, Safari, FireFox, Chrome, etc.). The various underlying elements (interface to newsroom system, aQ’s QSIA database and aQ’s native webserver) are portable and can be configured in different ways, from a completely local system using an on-site server, to a completely hosted solution which operates entirely remotely. Once opened, the rundown and script information is updated dynamically – any change in the underlying NRCS is reflected immediately within QScript.app for the user to see.

The appearance of QScript.app is completely flexible too, as it uses standard .css style sheets to define the properties of each individual element. The QScript.app can be integrated with any Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) which provides a suitable gateway, e.g. via MOS or FTP. Plus, it has a direct native interface to aQ’s own QNews product.

As well as showing the current script, it also allows users to make their own mark-ups and annotations onto ‘digital paper’ which not only smooths the news teams workflow when going live to air but also provides a massive ROI compared with the cost of paper, printers, printer cartridges and runner time that would otherwise be involved. 

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