Parrot Turns any Mobile Phone into a Teleprompter

Padcaster’s Parrot teleprompter turns a standard smartphone into a fully functional, compact and affordable prompting system for nearly any DSLR, video camera, smartphone or iPad. Parrot allows the talent to speak naturally while looking into the lens and interacting directly with the audience.

With the rise of mobile production, more shoots than ever before are produced by minimal crews or even one person alone. Conventional prompting systems are often out of the question due to size, weight and cost.

Padcaster’s solution provides interviewers and talent alike with an easy-to-read script in a simple, lightweight, affordable package that uses any smartphone. Versatile Parrot mounts to most DSLR and video cameras, as well as the Padcaster system for iPads and Verse for mobile phones.

Parrot mounts on the lens barrel of the shooting camera in a matter of seconds. This positions a half-silvered mirror at a 45°angle so the camera shoots through it, while a mobile phone with a free app for the script is mounted below. The talent looks into the lens to read the script text reflected in the mirror.

Included with the Parrot kit is a range of popular size lens adapters (49mm-82mm) that thread onto the camera’s lens barrel. The teleprompter assembly, complete with mirror, slides over the selected adapter to lock it in front of the lens. A spring-loaded phone clasp swiftly secures virtually any model smartphone below the mirror.

Parrot’s wireless remote controls scrolling speed, pause, and fast forward/reverse throughout the text. The Parrot app, (available free at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) provides for adjusting text size and width.

The Parrot Teleprompter is made of rugged components to withstand even the most challenging environment. Its high-end mirror is easy to read text from, while ensuring that the video remains crystal clear. The unit measures 114.3mm x 101.6mm x 82.55mm, and weighs just 170 grams with most smartphones.