Nearmap Takes Flight in New Zealand

Following the successful conclusion of its pilot program, Nearmap Ltd is pleased to formally announce the expansion of business operations into the New Zealand market. This includes the establishment of dedicated sales, marketing and product resources to accelerate the significant growth opportunity that exists in New Zealand.

Nearmap has already completed multiple captures in New Zealand since early 2017, with imagery covering up to 72 percent of the New Zealand population. This content has already been successfully provisioned to numerous Australian subscribers with significant business operations in New Zealand, who requested an extension of their existing subscription.

In addition, Nearmap has established a base of New Zealand customers and prospects requesting access to high quality location content. These are in a range of industries and use cases, including local government, solar, and architecture construction and engineering (ACE).

The launch of a dedicated product now enables Nearmap to provide subscriptions specifically for the needs of New Zealand businesses, with an initial range of tools and data specific to New Zealand which will continue to expand.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Shane Preston, Executive Vice President of Sales, noted: “Following the success of our initial pilot program selling to Australian customers with operations in New Zealand, we have also seen significant interest from New Zealand businesses.

“Responding to this demand, we have now launched a dedicated product, billed in New Zealand dollars with tools specific to New Zealand users. This is being combined with a dedicated sales, marketing and support effort for our New Zealand customers.”

Dr Rob Newman, Nearmap CEO and Managing Director, added: “With the compelling nature of Nearmap’s content and product now evident to the New Zealand market, this launch allows us to accelerate our penetration of that market. It further enhances our position at the forefront of the global location intelligence market.

“The relative ease with which we have been able to add New Zealand to our capture portfolio and generate ACV demonstrates the scalability and cost efficiency of our business model. As we are now capturing areas of New Zealand multiple times, at consistently high resolution, this also opens up opportunities in machine learning and artificial intelligence in a third geography.”

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