EditShare Storage Series/XStream 6.0

EditShare has announced the availability of Version 6 of its Storage Series and XStream shared storage solutions. Part of EditShare’s Complete Collaboration product line, the award-winning shared storage solutions are for true project and media sharing for Final Cut Pro and Avid editors. EditShare’s user management tools are designed specifically for post and broadcast workflows, providing an infrastructure for editing workgroups.
Highlights of the new Storage Series and XStream Version 6.0 include:
* optimisations for DPX Workflows – users can enable DPX optimisations on a per-Media Space basis, and choose specific optimizations for HD-DPX or 2K-DPX workflows.
* new definition of groups of users. Once a group is defined, it can be added and removed from Media Spaces and Project Spaces and managed the same way as individuals. Users can also belong to multiple groups.
* includes the ability to convert Managed Spaces to Unmanaged.
* administrators now have the ability to change the name of a Media Space.
* new versions of Netatalk and Samba – EditShare ensures the fullest compatibility with the latest versions of Mac OS X and Windows 7.
* new Graphical Interface to bring it visually in line with EditShare’s Flow, Ark and Geevs solutions.
* integration of Solid State Drives allows EditShare to offer its first shared storage server with Solid State Drives (SSD).  A single set of 16 SSDs can support multiple streams of 2K DPX files, 50 or more streams of video in formats including ProRes or DNxHD, or hundreds of audio streams for mixing applications. In addition, EditShare will soon be implementing a new “data movement” capability that will allow customers to intelligently move Media Spaces from SSDs to Spinning Disks when the higher performance of SSDs is no longer required for that media.
* dual Port 10-Gigabit cards – about 80 percent of all EditShare systems ship with 10-Gigabit networking. With Version 6, EditShare systems now offer a Dual 10-Gigabit option, providing facilities with greater bandwidth and flexibility.
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