Newstag Arabic نيوزتاج عربية is Coming

Newstag, the Stockholm-based media-tech company, has announced plans to launch a new experience specially designed for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) later this year. Newstag Arabic نيوزتاج عربية will be available in Arabic and will provide a stream of video news stories each day covering international and regional news, culture and entertainment.

Newstag Arabic نيوزتاج عربية will feature professionally produced news content from suppliers including the Associated Press, AFP and Euronews. Talks are also taking place with prominent news providers from the region. Newstag Arabic نيوزتاج عربية is currently being marketed on Facebook ahead of its launch.

Newstag is a new mobile first application that enables users to create and watch their own personalised video news channels consisting of news and causes they find relevant. Together, all the users create a crowd curated news experience. Newstag is the largest platform for professionally produced news in the world and suppliers range from CNN to CCTV, Bloomberg to RT.

But Newstag is not just about understanding the world it also offers an opportunity to make a difference through its relationship with NGOs and research organisations.

Co-founder, Camilla Dahlin-Andersson, said, “Newstag creates an environment for modern social engagement and offer a relevant, personal, news experience empowering an audience that takes news seriously and wants to make a difference.”

Co-founder and CEO, Henrik Eklund, continued, “Currently 60 percent of existing Newstag users are based in the MENA region which is what prompted us to set up Newstag Arabic. Six percent of the global population live in the Middle East and yet the region accounts for only 0.6 percent of the global advertising market. We believe there is potential for enormous growth in the coming years.”